Crystal Clear Zip Handle Flat Bottom Bags

Flat Bottom Zip Handle Bag

Reusable Produce Bags Keep Fruits and Veggies Fresh for Longer

The taste of tart apples, sweet berries, crisp lettuce, and mouthwatering peaches are nature's gifts. When we can't get fruits and vegetables straight from the ground or tree, we take a trip to the produce aisle of our local grocer or Farmers' Market. This is where produce bags come in! Heavy-duty, food safe, and reusable, these bags can make all the difference in helping produce stay their freshest.

Gather your fruit and vegetable favorites because you don't need to worry about these bags tearing. Uniquely designed to handle heavy-weight items, zip handle bags have a sturdy flat bottom and stand upright when filled with your groceries. These zip handle bags have a ton of other uses as well. Try them out for bulk foods, cupcake packaging, or as a personal tote for travel or outdoor events. Produce bags have durable handles for easy carrying convenience and are always great to have on hand:

  • Keeps produce fresh longer, saves money, reduces food waste
  • Extra strong laminated 2 mil material holds a variety of items
  • Reusable and great for the environment
  • Eliminates the need for other less durable plastic bags
  • Available with vent hole options
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