Flat Heat Seal Bags

Flat Heat Seal Bag

Flat Heat Seal Bags | FDA Approved Food Packaging

Flat heat sealed bags are a great choice for food packaging, powdered mixes, small products, and flat paper items. This specific line of bags all meet the following specifications:

  • Protection against Moisture and Oxygen
  • Tested for Quality
  • Heat Sealable Material

Standard Flat Heat Seal Bags

Flat Heat Seal Bags are one of our most popular types of food packaging. These bags were designed to be a snug fit so that the contents are able to stay safely in place. Using a crimp sealer, a header card, or one of our hand sealers, you can place both flat and thick contents inside of the heat sealable bag and display the contents for everyone to see.

Laminated Heavy Duty

Made of a stronger material than our standard flat heat seal bags, these Heavy Duty Heat Seal Bags are laminated, have a crimped bottom seal, and a back center weld for added strength. Ideal for cookies, candies, and other 3-dimensional products.

Metallized Flat Pouches

Flat metallized heat seal bags are an easy packaging option for products like ground coffee, powdered mixes, supplements and more. These flat pouches provide protection against UV lighting, moisture, and oxygen. Tear notches are located at both ends of a bag for easy opening. Heat sealable. Food safe. An ideal solution for packaging pre-set portions of product.

You can also have these bags customized with your logo or information. To learn more, visit our Custom Packaging page.

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