Coffee Bags

Coffee Bags

Side Gusseted Coffee Bags | Capture Bold Flavors and Aromas Right After Roasting

Designed especially for coffee, these high barrier bags have expandable side gussets and are easy to fill and seal. Your coffee will taste better and last longer.

What's so special about coffee bags?

Freshly roasted coffee naturally releases carbon dioxide. Coffee bags have one-way valves to vent gas and trapped air while preventing external air from entering the bag. This degassing valve allows you to package coffee at the peak of flavor immediately following the roasting process. An inner aluminum layer provides added protection from moisture and oxygen. Bags can be closed with a heat sealer, resealable tape, or a double wire, adhesive tin tie.

Offered in 4 colors and in two sizes to suit smaller or larger quantities. Choose from Kraft, Matte White, Matte Black and Silver in either 6-10 oz or 12-16 oz sizes.

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