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Flat Heat Seal Bags

Flat Heat Seal BagsFlat Heat Seal Bags

Flat Heat Seal Bags | FDA Approved Food Packaging

Flat heat sealed bags are a great choice for food packaging, powdered and sprinkle mixes, small products and flat paper items.

Standard Flat Heat Seal Bags are one of our most popular types of food packaging. These bags were designed to be a snug fit so that the contents are able to stay safely in place. Use a crimp sealer, a header card, or one of our hand sealers to seal the bag to your preference.

Laminated, metallized, kraft and eco flat heat seal bags are also available! All are food safe, durable and easily heat seal with our hand and table top heat sealers.

Bags can also be customized with your logo or to a special size. To learn more, visit our Custom Packaging page.

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