Value Flap Seal Bags for Food and Retail

Looking for a more economical option for packaging? Use our value bags for a quick and easy packaging solution without breaking the bank, featuring an adhesive flap to secure the product.

  • Acid and lignin free material
  • BOPP material is resistance to tears, wrinkles, and fogging
  • Crystal Clear BOPP for cards, photos and more
  • 1.2 mil option is even more affordable than our standard no flap bags

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Value Flap Seal Bags Great for Greeting Cards, Photos, Calendars and More

For all your packaging needs, our value clear bags are a great option when looking for a quick and easy solution without breaking the bank. Featuring an adhesive flap to securely seal the product, these 1.2 mil barrier clear plastic bags provide excellent clarity, durability, and protection. Acid free and lignin free material ensures archival safe storage while protecting against tears, wrinkles, and fogging. Whether you need a single or double mat with a backing board or foam board up to 5/16 inch thick, our value clear bag line offers a great solution at an economical price. Get the same great protection and clarity of our standard bags without the higher cost. ClearBags Value Bags are an ideal choice for any packaging needs!

  • Crystal Clear Optical Clarity at our most affordable price
  • 1.2 mil thickness still provides a durable protective barrier
  • Acid free and lignin free material for archival safe storage
  • Made from high quality material that does not easily rip, tear, wrinkle or fog
  • Resealable adhesive strip on the flap of the bags provides a customized fit while maintaining fast insertion and sealing
  • Made with 10% recycled content

For more information about our Value Bags, contact us today. We are here to help you find the perfect packaging solution for your needs.  Thank you for choosing ClearBags!