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Flap Seal Bags for Food and Merchandise

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Flap Seal Crystal Clear Bags® are the ideal balance between performance and price. They come with an adhesive strip on the flap to allow a tight, yet adjustable seal. This makes these bags versatile for both smaller and larger items. The Protective Closure has adhesive on the body of the bag to prevent adhesive from sticking to your product as you insert or remove items, perfect for items you don’t want to damage like art and photos.

Flap Tape options also come in Eco Compostable, Laminated, Value, Premium or pre-printed with Suffocation Warnings to make packaging your product easy without sacrificing the quality of the bag or obstructing the view of your product.

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Flap Seal Bags Great to Display Food, Retail, and Stationery Items

Flap seal bags from ClearBags are the perfect solution for storing, displaying and protecting a variety of products. These clear flap seal bags feature an easy-to-use resealable adhesive closure that will keep your items safe while still providing crystal clear visibility of the contents. Not only do these flap seal clear bags provide superior protection for your products, but they also look great and help to add a professional touch to any presentation. At ClearBags, we take pride in the quality of our flap seal bags. Each bag is made using only top-grade materials that are durable and resistant to tearing or puncturing. The closure system on each flap seal bag offers a secure seal that is easy to open and close, ensuring your items stay safe and dry. 

  • Adhesive on the Flap
  • Easy to open and seal
  • USPS Approved
  • Custom printing and sizes available
  • Archival Safe

These bags are perfect for storing photos, artwork, documents, clothing, candy, or any number of small items. Shop ClearBags today for the best selection of flap seal bags! Order now and take advantage of our great prices on all of our clear flap seal bags! You can trust ClearBags to provide high quality products at unbeatable prices. Invest in quality and protect your products with flap seal bags from ClearBags today!