High Barrier Coffee Foil Bags

Coffee Bags

High Barrier Coffee Foil Bags | Inner Aluminum Layer Keeps Products Fresh

What is unique about coffee bags is that they are designed with a one-way degassing valve to prevent outside air from entering the bag. Ideal for coffee and teas, high barrier foil pouches work great for any product that needs protection from moisture and oxygen. Foods with active ingredients such as yeast and cultures are an excellent choice for these durable, bottom-sealed bags.

An inner aluminum layer provides a moisture, air, and odor barrier to keep baked goods, coffee, and teas from getting stale. Seal in freshness with a standard heat sealer or a double-wire, adhesive tin tie. Available in Kraft, Matte White, Matte Black, and Silver in 6-10 oz and 12 -16 sizes.

High Barrier Coffee Bags include the following benefits:

  • High moisture, freshness and odor barrier
  • 5.2 mil thickness
  • Laminated material for added strength and barrier
  • One-way degassing valve vents CO2 to maintain freshness of coffee and tea
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