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Record Sleeves

ClearBags® Record Sleeves are ideal for protecting and displaying vintage vinyl records and album covers.

Protective Closure Bags (PC)
  • Crystal Clear
  • Completely encloses the album cover to prevent contact with dust and other elements
  • Re-sealable flap
  • Adhesive does not come in contact with the album cover
  • Side seam does not obstruct title and artist name
No Flap Bags (NF)
  • Crystal Clear
  • Easy access to frequently used albums
  • No flap or adhesive
  • Side seam does not obstruct title and artist name
Inner Frosted Sleeve
  • Superior protection for the record itself
  • Soft material reduces possibility of scratching
  • Frosted material provides a clean, professional look
Album Size & Sleeve Chart
Shop by Album Size SKU
7" Single Album Cover: BLP45 (PC), BLP45NF (NF)
10" Record ONLY Cover (Inner Sleeve): BLPF10
10" Single Album Cover: BLP10 (PC), BLP10NF (NF)
12" Record ONLY Cover (Inner Sleeve) BLPFS
12" Single Album Cover: BLP1 (PC), BLPD2 (PC), BLP1NF (NF)
12" Double Album Cover: BLPD (PC), BLPDNF (NF), BLPD3 (3 Mil PC), BLPD4 (4 Mil PC)
Album Sleeves
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