Record Sleeves

ClearBags® Record Sleeves are ideal for protecting and displaying vintage vinyl records and album covers.

Protective Closure Bags (PC)
  • Crystal Clear
  • Completely encloses the album cover to prevent contact with dust and other elements
  • Re-sealable flap
  • Adhesive does not come in contact with the album cover
  • Side seam does not obstruct title and artist name
No Flap Bags (NF)
  • Crystal Clear
  • Easy access to frequently used albums
  • No flap or adhesive
  • Side seam does not obstruct title and artist name
Inner Frosted Sleeve
  • Superior protection for the record itself
  • Soft material reduces possibility of scratching
  • Frosted material provides a clean, professional look
Album Size & Sleeve Chart
Shop by Album Size SKU
7" Single Album Cover: BLP45 (PC), BLP45NF (NF)
10" Record ONLY Cover (Inner Sleeve): BLPF10
10" Single Album Cover: BLP10 (PC), BLP10NF (NF)
12" Record ONLY Cover (Inner Sleeve) BLPFS
12" Single Album Cover: BLP1 (PC), BLPD2 (PC), BLPD3 (3 Mil PC), BLPD4 (4 Mil PC), BLP1NF (NF)
12" Double Album Cover: BLPD (PC), BLPDNF (NF)
Album Sleeves
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  1. 7 3/8" x 7" Clear 45 Album Sleeve
    7 3/8" x 7" + Flap, Crystal Clear 45 Album Sleeve, Protective Closure (100 Pieces) [BLP45]
    Whether it's jazz, classical or rock n' roll, you will want to protect your favorite albums from dust and scratches. Our BLP45 album sleeve measures 7 3/8" x 7" and fits a single 7" album cover. With the adhesive strip on the body of the sleeve, your cover is safe from snagging on the closure tape. Learn More
  2. Album Sleeves No Flap
    7 3/8" x 7 3/8" Crystal Clear 45 Album Sleeve, No Flap (100 Pieces) [BLP45NF]
    Remember your old 45 records and how you wanted to hear that soulful song just one more time. Well, that doesn't have to ever end. Our BLP45NF 45 record sleeves protect 7" album covers from gathering unnecessary dust. This no flap record sleeve is open at the top so you can easily access your music to your heart's content. Learn More
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