Antimicrobial SmartSleeves for Tablets, Box of 250 Pieces (8 3/16" x 12") [APS812B]

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Our 8 3/16" x 12" Antimicrobial barrier bag for 9" tablets is ideal for the healthcare environment by providing protection against harmful bacteria, germs and other substances. Antimicrobial barrier bags are disposable and used for controlling and inhibiting growth of bacteria to assist with infection control. APS812B comes in a 250 count box with a convenient dispenser-style opening. Flap Seal (resealable adhesive on flap of bag).

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Product Description

This 8 3/16" x 12" Antimicrobial barrier bag is part of our SmartSleeves line for the healthcare industry. Antimicrobial SmartSleeves were designed to provide protection against harmful bacteria and germs. This easy to use bag fits perfectly over a 9" tablet with or without a case to prevent the spread of bacteria in the healthcare environment. The disposable bag allows doctors, nurses and patients to use their tablets without fear of cross-contamination, and has a resealable adhesive on the flap to secure the tablet inside. Tested effective against MRSA, K. pneumoniae, E. Coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, staph aureus and A. baumannii. APS812B comes in a 250 count box with a convenient dispenser-style opening for easy use.

Product Details:
  • Pack Quantity: 250
  • Color: Clear
  • Thickness: 1.6 MIL
  • Material: Antimicrobial LLDPE
  • Outer Dimensions: 8 3/16" x 12"
  • Closure: Flap Seal
  • Heat Sealable: Yes
Features & Benefits:
  • Antimicrobial for controlling and inhibiting the growth of bacteria to avoid cross contamination
  • Feature a flap seal closure for a tight, secure fit
  • Device and touch screen remains fully functional - talk, text, email, take surveys, etc.
  • Glove compatible - no need to remove exam gloves to use device in the SmartSleeve
  • Tested effective against MRSA, K. pneumonia, E. Coli and more

This Antimicrobial SmartSleeve is designed to provide protection for 9" tablets with or without a case.

This product works great in the following environments:

  • Hospitals, clinics and medical offices
  • Dental offices
  • Schools, daycare
  • Rehabilitation centers, senior care centers
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Additional Information:
  • Flap seal bags come with an adhesive strip on the flap, which can be folded and sealed over the bag's opening. The flap seal allows for items to be smaller than the height of the bag, as the flap seal can be folded past the opening of the bag if needed.
  • Video: Flap Seal Bags Explained
  • Bag sizes indicates the opening side as the first dimension
  • Bag dimensions have +/- 1/16" size tolerance
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Product Details
  • Pack Quantity: 250
  • Color Description: Clear
  • Closure Type: Protective Closure
  • Food Safe: Yes
  • Heat Sealable: Yes
  • Material: Antimicrobial PE
  • Thickness: 1.6 mil
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