7" x 4" x 9" Double Cupcake Bag Set (100 Sets) [CBG2]

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Cupcake bag sets offer a premium look for frosted treats. CBG2 is our cupcake bag for doubles and is ideal for holding two standard size cupcakes or muffins. This set measure 7" x 4" x 9" and includes a flat bottom gusset bag and a clear plastic insert for added stability. Package your cupcakes in style. Food safe.

Your frosted cupcake creations are crafted with care and perfection. The CBG2 cupcake bag offers a nice presentation that is worthy of all your hard work. This set holds two standard size cupcakes or muffins and includes a clear flat bottom gusset bag and a plastic insert. The lunch sack style gusset bag measures 7" x 4" x 9" and is designed with expanding sides so your frosted designs stay intact. To use the insert, fold the long tabs up and place on the sides of the bag to keep gusset from touching contents. Fold the short tabs down and place on the front and back of the bag. The 1.6 mil material is made of BOPP for exceptional clarity and is food safe. Heat sealability varies. Testing is recommended before heat sealing. Bags can be closed with tape or labels. Clear stickers are included for a tamper-resistant seal. Custom printing is available.

Product Details:

  • Pack Quantity: 100 sets
  • Color: Clear
  • Thickness: 1.6 MIL
  • Material: BOPP
  • Outer Dimensions: 7" x 4" x 9"
  • Heat Sealable: Varies - Testing is recommended
  • Food Safe: Yes

Product Details:

Cupcake Bag Sets have the following features:

  • Set includes (1) Bag and (1) Insert- total of 100 bags and 100 inserts
  • Set includes bag FGCC8 and insert FPBI174
  • Crystal Clear Clarity
  • Clear insert adds stability to the cupcake and bag
  • Lunch sack style bag with side gussets and flat bottom
  • 1.6 mil thickness
  • FDA approved materials for food safety
  • Clear stickers are included for a tamper-resistant closure (item code: CS1)
  • Heat sealability varies - test before heat sealing


The primary use for CBG2 is for holding two standard size cupcakes or muffins.

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Additional Information:

  • Bag sizes indicates the opening side as the first dimension
  • Dimensions are width x depth x length (W x D x L)
  • Bag dimensions have +/- 1/16" size tolerance
  • Custom printing and sizing available (Visit our customs page for more information)
  • Not sure if this is the correct size? Request a sample here.
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Pack Quantity 100
Color Description Clear
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