6 3/4" x 3 1/2" x 11 1/4" (Outer Dimensions) Hunter Green Metallized Stand Up Zipper Pouch Bags (100 Pieces) [ZBGM4HG]

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Have you been searching for the perfect packaging for your product? Look no further than our Hunter Green Stand Up Zipper Pouch bags. These metallized bags are ideal for packaging non-refrigerated items like coffee, chips, cookies, candy and more. This self-supporting pouch (when filled) holds 8-12oz/227-340g of product, based off of whole coffee beans and has interior dimensions of 6 3/8" x 3" x 9 3/4". Food Safe. This item is currently sold with NO HANG HOLE. Due to popular demand, it will soon come stock with a round hang hole. Check this table to see when it will be available with the hang hole.

The ZBGM4HG measures 6 3/4" x 3 1/2" x 11 1/4" in size with usable space being 6 3/8" x 3" x 9 3/4". This bag is perfect for holding bulk non-refrigerated foods such as coffee, chips, cookies, beans, rice and more. The unique metallized material provides our highest barrier protection. It is airtight, holds in flavors and is smell and moisture proof. Our line of metallized pouches are heat sealable and come with resealable zippers. Tear notches are located on the top of the bag to allow the end-user convenient access to the product. This bag is hunter green and has plenty of usable space for branding using labels or stickers. Custom printing is available.

Product Details:

  • Pack Quantity: 100
  • Color: Hunter Green
  • Thickness: 4.0 MIL
  • Material: PET/VMPET/LLDPE
  • Outer Dimensions: 6 3/4" x 3 1/2" x 11 1/4"
  • Inner Dimensions: 6 3/8" x 3" x 9 3/4"
  • Closure: Zipper
  • Capacity: 8-12oz/ 227-340g
  • Heat Sealable: Yes
  • Food Safe: Yes

Features & Benefits:

Metallized Zipper Pouch Bags have the following features:

  • Dimensions listed are outer bag dimensions
  • Improved oxygen, aroma, moisture and light barrier
  • 4 Mil thickness
  • Laminated materials for added strength and improved barriers
  • Strong resealable zipper
  • Self-supporting pouch design enables the package to stand by itself when filled
  • Tear-away notches provide convenient access when heat sealed
  • FDA approved materials


The primary use for our ZBGM4HG is for food packaging. This bag is ideal for following:

  • Candies
  • Cookies
  • Chips/Popcorn
  • Jerky
  • ...and more!

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Additional Information:

  • For help with Pouch Dimensions, click here.
  • Please note that all volume & bag sizes are estimates and are based on tests using whole coffee beans. Free samples for testing available upon request.
More Information
Pack Quantity 100
Color Description Hunter Green
Closure Type Zipper
Food Safe Yes
Heat Sealable Yes
Tear Notch Yes
Thickness 4.0 mil
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