Clamp Lid Jar Shaped Pouch | 5 7/8" x 2 5/8" x 9 9/16" | 25 pack | JARLG

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Quick Overview
JARLG is the largest of our Clamp Lid Jar Shaped Pouches, measuring 5 7/8" x 2 5/8" x 9 9/16". This food safe pouch is great for packaging items like cookies, candy, bulk nuts, powdered mixes, veggies, and more. It comes with a pre-printed clamp jar design that has a blue seal ring. This shaped pouch is made from 5.5 Mil material that has a frosted finish that allows the contents to be seen.
Product Description
Measuring 5 7/8" x 2 5/8" x 9 9/16", JARLG is the largest of our Clamp Lid Jar Shaped Pouches. This pouch can hold items like bulk nuts, veggies, dried fruit, cookies, popcorn, and more. The opening width is 3 1/4" wide for filling. The pre-printed design features a blue seal ring and is made from food safe materials. JARLG stands on its own when filled, making it ideal for retail, pantry shelves and in the refrigerator. It has a frosted finish, while still allowing the contents to be seen. It is made from 5.5 Mil material and has a resealable, airtight zipper. This allows the bag to be reopened multiple times, while keeping the contents fresh. This standing pouch is similar to a mason jar shape and can be heat sealed for the retail environment to provide a tamper resistant closure. 

Patent Pending: 29723757 
Learn more about patent here.
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Product Details
  • Pack Quantity: 25
  • Color Description: Frosted w/ Printed Jar Design
  • Outer Dimensions: 5 7/8" x 2 5/8" x 9 9/16"
  • Closure Type: Zipper
  • Food Safe: Yes
  • Heat Sealable: Yes
  • Material: MOPP/PET/LDPE
  • Thickness: 5.5 Mil
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Features & Benefits
  • Pre-printed jar shape design
  • Resealable, airtight zipper
  • Food Safe
  • Heat Sealable
  • Opening width is 3 1/4" for filling purposes.
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Additional Information
  • Dimensions listed as W x D x L
  • Outer dimensions are based on widest part of bag
  • Free samples for testing available upon request
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