4 9/16" x 11/16" x 6" Crystal Clear Box Slip Cover (25 Pieces) [SC3]

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Our SC3 product is our Clear Box Slip Cover that measures 4 9/16" x 11/16" x 6" and fits A2 size, 5 1/2" Baronial card boxes. Ideal for covering greeting card and invitation boxes. Compatible with these box bottoms: BK3, BZ3, CH3, GD3, KR3 and WH3. Bottom pieces sold separately.

Stickers are included, to purchase additional stickers click here to see our full list of sticker options.

Our Two-Piece Folding Boxes come in assorted box bottom colors, but need a clear tops to go with them. For the top piece, choices include either a Collapsible Box Top or a Slip Cover. Our SC3 product is our Crystal Clear Box Slip Cover and measures 4 9/16" x 11/16" x 6." It fits A2 size, 5.5 Baronial envelope and card boxes (1" depth). The lid slips easily over the paper bottom and provides an impressive display for a product with up to one inch depth. Bottom pieces sold separately.

These covers can be paired with the following bases: BK3, BZ3, CH3, GD3, KR3 and WH3.

Product Details:
  • Pack Quantity: 25
  • Color: Clear
  • Thickness: 12 mil
  • Material: PVC
  • Outer Dimensions: 4 9/16" x 11/16" x 6"
Features & Benefits:
  • Crystal Clear Clarity
  • 12 mil High Density PVC
  • Made from high quality, scratch resistant material
  • High impact resistant formulation means they won't crack or become brittle
  • Anti-static plastic reduces static charge build-up
  • Tops and bottoms are sold separately; options include Crystal Clear Slip Covers or Crystal Clear Collapsible Box Top
  • Stores and ships flat to save on shipping and storage costs
  • High quality custom printing available
  • Product can be accessorized with a vinyl or elastic stretch loop

This product is used to cover our 1" deep A2, 5.5 Bar card and envelope boxes (see list of compatible boxes below)

You Might Be Looking For: Additional Information:
  • THIS IS THE BOX TOP ONLY! Please order a compatible box bottom as well
  • Dimensions are width x depth x length (W x D x L)
  • Box dimensions have +/- 1/16" size tolerance
  • Custom printing and sizing available (Visit our customs page for more information)
More Information
Pack Quantity 25
Color Description Clear
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