2" x 3" LDPE Clear Zip Bags, 4 Mil (100 Pieces) [4PE23]

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Durable 4 mil poly zipper bags are ideal for holding heavier, bulkier items. The 4PE23 bag measures 2" x 3" and fits novelty items, rocks, stones, toys, and candies. The thicker, durable polyethylene material resists rips and tears, making it ideal for bundling and shipping products. An excellent choice for retailing. Food safe.

Heavier, bulkier items are a great match for our 4 mil polyethylene bags. At 2" x 3", The 4PE23 bag is the perfect size for novelty items, rocks, stones, toys, and candies. This 4 mil low-density polyethylene (LDPE) bag is ideal for weighty, pointy, or heavier objects. The material resists rips and tears, while a superior airtight zipper closure resists tears, rips, and abrasion. Ideal for products that require frequent handling or a reclosable bag, 4PE23 is easy to open and close and an affordable option when clarity is not as critical. This poly zipper bag is FDA approved and conservation-safe for archival storage.

Product Details:

  • Pack Quantity: 100
  • Color: Clear
  • Thickness: 4 MIL
  • Material: Polyethylene (PE)
  • Outer Dimensions: 2" x 3"
  • Closure: Zipper
  • Heat Sealable: No
  • Food Safe: Yes

Features & Benefits:

Polyethylene Zipper Bags have the following features:

  • 4 mil thickness
  • Our most affordable 4 mil clear zip top bag
  • Provides an excellent alternative when clarity is not as critical
  • Conservation-safe
  • Durable, thick 4 mil material is resistant to rips and tears
  • Protects items from air, dust, water, and bacteria
  • Ideal for heavier, bulkier items that need a resealable package
  • Superior zip closure
  • Acid-free, Archival safe
  • FDA Approved - Food Safe


4 Mil PE Zipper Bags work great for holding heavier, bulkier items.

This bag works well with the following:

  • Hardware supplies
  • Industrial parts
  • Jewelry supplies
  • Stones/rocks
  • Candies
  • Toys
  • Heavier crafts
  • Bulk items
  • ...and more!

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  • For this same bag in 2 mil, consider 2PE23
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Additional Information:

  • Polyethylene Zipper Bags are available in 2 mil, 4 mil, and 6 mil thicknesses
  • Available with hang hole or with white block
  • +/- 1/16” size variance
  • Bag sizes indicates the opening side as the first dimension
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Pack Quantity 100
Color Description Clear
Thickness 4 mil
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