2 1/16" x 2 1/16" x 4 1/8" Crystal Clear Pop & Lock Boxes (25 Pieces) [PLB335]

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Create a fancy display of candies and gifts with a crystal clear box. PLB335 is our Crystal Clear Pop & Lock Box that measures 2 1/16" x 2 1/16" x 4 1/8". Ideal for truffles, candy, crafts, figurines, and more. Create a nested look by placing (2) PLB104 smaller boxes inside this PLB335 box. Easy assembly. Stickers are included, to purchase additional stickers click here to see our full list of sticker options.
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40 packs 1000 $0.2928 42% $292.80
200 packs 5000 $0.2508 50% $1254.00
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Product Description

Our Crystal Clear Pop & Lock Boxes provide an eye-catching display for delectable confections and more. Our PLB335 box measures 2 1/16" x 2 1/16" x 4 1/8" and is a perfect choice for holding artisan candies, truffles, petit fours, brittle, nuts, and other sweet treats. This versatile box also works well for products like crafts, votive candles, and small figurines. Made from 12 mil PET material, this durable box won't crack or become brittle. Assemble along soft folds and snap the auto-forming bottom into shape. This box can used an an outer container for a nested package and fits (2) PLB104 smaller boxes inside. A box-within-a-box allows candies to be packaged individually and and holds them nicely in place. Ideal for decorative or embellished chocolates.

Product Details:
  • Pack Quantity: 25
  • Color: Clear
  • Thickness: 12 mil
  • Material: PET
  • Outer Dimensions: 2 1/16" x 2 1/16" x 4 1/8"
  • Food Safe: Yes
Features & Benefits:
  • Crystal Clear Clarity
  • FDA Approved Material - Food Safe
  • 12 mil High Density PET
  • High impact resistant formulation means they won't crack or become brittle
  • Anti-static plastic reduces static charge build-up
  • Lead & phthalate-free
  • Stores and ships flat to save on shipping and storage costs

Most popular use is for candy, cookies and unique gifts.

This product also works well with the following:

  • Confections
  • Crafts
  • Candles
  • Small toys
  • Figurines
  • Keepsake items/trinkets
  • Collectibles
  • ...and more!
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Additional Information:
  • Box sizes indicates the opening side as the first dimension
  • Dimensions are width x depth x length (W x D x L)
  • Box dimensions have +/- 1/16" size tolerance
  • Custom printing and sizing available (Visit our customs page for more information)
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Product Details
  • Pack Quantity: 25
  • Color Description: Clear
  • Food Safe: Yes
  • Autolock Bottom: Yes
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