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Moab Lasal Luster 270

Moab by Legion Paper

Moab Paper is a professional grade of photo paper featuring excellent image sharpness and good color density.

Lasal Photo Luster 270 features an instant-dry luster surface which is also smudge resistant. These papers are universally compatible with the widest range of printers and inksets but reach maximum longevity with today's archival pigment inkjet printers.


  • Base: PE Coated
  • Weight: 270 gsm ± 7
  • Caliper: 9.8 ± .5 mil
  • Gloss (Dr. Lange) 60°: 25% ± 5
  • Brightness D65: 95
  • CIE Whiteness D65: 120
  • Surface Texture: Luster/Pearl
  • Color: Bright White (OBA free)
  • Download ICC Profiles

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