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ClearBags Newsletter Archive

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    October 2015
  • ClearBags: Your partner in product development
  • Say goodbye to — our retail website
  • See how our Custom Packaging leads and Industry Experts can help with Product Development
    September 2015
  • We save you shipping time and cost.
  • Our favorite handle bag: Clear Poly Handle Bag.
  • Featured Customer: Feeling Smitten

    August 2015
  • Plastic: The King of Preservation
  • New Handheld Sealers For PET and PVC
  • ClearBags makes more than clear packaging

    July 2015
  • Packaging with Crystal Clear Boxes®
  • We'll Feature Your Finished Product!
  • We ship items flat to save you space and money!

    June 2015
  • Custom Packaging, you can have it your way!
  • New Shipping Options Now Online
  • Kraft Stand Up Zipper Pouches — New Sizes Available

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