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Mats & Backing

Mats and Backing Boards | Custom Art Mats and Backing Boards from ClearBags

ClearBags has wholesale pre-cut mats for all different photos sizes, from brands like Crescent. We also have the ability to create custom mats to help you with our framing needs. No matter the size photo or art, we’ll have the pre cut mats that are designed to fit.

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We also carry backing board, foam board, mounting accessories and more – many of which are archival quality for long term display and storage.

The right materials are required for storage and display of art, photos, stationery, and more. These are fragile pieces that need to be protected and displayed using materials that are designed specifically to protect your work.

That’s why ClearBags is proud to offer both custom mats and quality backing board that can help you with your framing, storage, and other art needs.

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Check out our inventory below to find mats, backing board, accessories and more. For custom sizing options, contact us.

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  1. 8" x 12" Bainbridge® Artcare™ Archival Foam Board (1 Piece) [FOMD812]

    Bainbridge Artcare Archival Foam Board features MicroChamber technology which absorbs and neutralizes harmful gases before they damage the art. Neutral pH surface with a toothy texture for better adhesion. The opaque, lightly textured surface paper eliminates show-through and features a soft white color that is suitable for floating applications. +/- 1/16" sizing, 3/16" thick. Learn More
  2. 8" x 12" Double-thick Bainbridge® Utility Backing Board (25 Pieces) [BACA812]

    Double-sided Acid Free and 100% recycled fiber. 8-Ply, 1/8" thick +/- 1/16" sizing. Learn More
  3. 8" x 12" ClearBags™ 4-Ply White Backing Board (25 Pieces) [BACK812]

    4-ply (approx. 1/16" thick) double sided super smooth white illustration board made from 100% recycled fiber. Manufactured at an alkaline pH. +/- 1/16 sizing Learn More
  4. 8" x 12" Self Adhesive Backing Board (25 Pieces) [BACG812]

    Bainbridge Self Adhesive Backing Board 60 points 1/16 thick. +/- 1/16 sizing. Learn More
  5. 8" x 12" Bainbridge® Alphamount ArtCare™ White Backing (25 Pieces) [BACD812]

    Bainbridge Alphamount ArtCare White Backing Board is made from pure alpha cellulose and features archival quality and superior rigidity. Double sided white. 2-Ply = 24 points (609 microns) 1/32" thick. +/- 1/16" sizing. Learn More
  6. 8" x 12" Archival Surface Backing Board (25 Pieces) [BACH812]

    Bainbridge UB1 45-50 points, 1/16 thick. +/- 1/16 sizing. Learn More
  7. 8" x 12" Bainbridge® 100 Super Black Backing Board (25 Pieces) [BACB812]

    Bainbridge 100 Super Black Backing Board features a deep black, scuff-resistant finish. Acid free and 100% recycled fiber. 4-Ply, 1/16" thick +/- 1/16" sizing. Learn More
  8. 8" x 12" Bainbridge® Clay Coated Foam Board (1 Piece) [FOMC812]

    Bainbridge Clay Coated Foam Board is an ideal non-archival multi-purpose bright white mounting surface that features an extra smooth finish and cuts cleaner than any other type of foam board. The sturdy and light weight structure resists dents. +/- 1/16" sizing, 3/16" thick. Learn More
  9. 8" x 12" Bainbridge® All Black Foam Board (1 Piece) [FOMF812]

    Bainbridge Featuring a solid black core and dense satin finish on both sides. cuts cleanly, resists bowing and warping. The ultra smooth surface and non-reflective finish are also scuff and scratch resistant. +/- 1/16" sizing, 3/16" thick. Learn More
  10. 8" x 12" Bainbridge® Self Adhesive Foam Board (1 Piece) [FOME812]

    Bainbridge Self Adhesive Foam Board is a convenient pressure sensitive permanent cold mounting solution for artwork or photos. Mounting is as simple as peel and stick. The adhesive is initially repositionable and becomes permanent within 24 hours. The pH-neutral adhesive creates a super smooth and strong bond. Will not crack or become brittle. +/- 1/16" sizing, 3/16" thick. Learn More

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