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Frequently Asked Questions

Several methods are available. If your product is a standard photo, art, or stationery size, chances are we carry the size. Check our Standard Sizes Page for reference. If your product is an unusual size or shape try the Search-By-Size tool or the generic search at the top right of this page. If you still have problems finding the correct size please contact our friendly Customer Service Team for help. Custom sizes are available and if we don't carry a specific size we may consider stocking a new size.

Our Crystal Clear Bags® and Crystal Clear Boxes® products are very accurate with a variance of +/- 1/16".

The first dimension displayed next to each product is the width; which is always the opening side for Crystal Clear Bags® and Crystal Clear Boxes®.

ClearBags gladly sends free samples to prospective customers. We want to make sure you get the right packaging solution to fit your needs. If you are unsure about product sizing please contact one of our Customer Service Representatives. We are happy to send up to three product samples (does not cover all products). Stationery products that vary in color may look different on your computer monitor than the actual color due to your monitor settings. If color matching and accuracy is critical, we encourage you to request a sample before ordering.

Absolutely! To prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy, and ensure the appropriate use of information, we have implemented physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect. This site uses the latest in internet security to ensure your personal information is safe.

Yes, we have a minimum order of $25. A $4 small order fee will be added for orders under $25. Orders over $21 will have this fee reduced so it only adds up to a $25 order. This is a handling fee that is added to the base shipping charges for the order. To avoid this fee, order $25 or more. Orders of $25 or more will still be charged for shipping, but will not be charged the additional handling fee.
We offer extremely competitive pricing and great shipping rates.  We are able to offer these great wholesale prices because of the volumes we handle every year.  Unfortunately, we cannot offer such great pricing for the smallest orders, which is why this additional fee is charged.
Many of our products are available in smaller quantities with no minimum order fee and flat rate shipping at the ClearEnvelopes website.  That website may be a better choice for you if you are not buying in bulk.
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We have pre-cut and pre-scored card stock and matching envelopes in many colors, sizes, and styles. Prepare a mailer or make your own greeting cards and package them for resale using the packaging options listed on the Bags for Greeting Cards or the Vinyl and Boxes for Greeting Cards page.

ClearBags is a USPS approved Poly wrap manufacturer for Crystal Clear Bags® and Envelopes, and 1.6 Mil Eco Clear Bags. In order to gain the advantage of an “automation flat rate” please review DMM 301 rules for size and content requirements or contact your BMEU for approval. For small quantity mailers remember to use self-adhesive stamps on the outside of the bag for postage requirements. For large quantity mailers, consider purchasing a permit and print that number on the mail piece before inserting into Clear Mailers. For more information please click here.

At the top of every page is a link named Enter Items. At that page, you can enter multiple item numbers in the box provided and click "Next" to start the checkout process.

Returning customers may contact one of our Customer Service Representatives and provide the billing information from your last order to retrieve your account number. It is not necessary to have an account number to place an order online; however, we strongly encourage you to provide it to ensure proper organization of your order history. New customers receive an account number once they have placed their first order.

Shipping is calculated by the weight and dimensions of your package and the distance it must travel. We strive to offer the most affordable shipping available while assuring a speedy delivery. We will typically ship your package from our nearest location. When you place an order online the estimated weight of your package is used to determine the shipping cost. Shipping options and pricing will be shown before you complete the checkout from your shopping cart. Shipping to Hawaii and Alaska may be higher than the cost shown at check out when ordering boards and mats. Please call our customer service department for accurate shipping rates of boards and mats to Hawaii and Alaska.

Twenty-four hour and expedited shipping is available for an additional fee. Most orders are shipped within one business day. Depending on the volume of orders, some orders may ship on the second business day. Orders for products that require custom cutting, such as backing or foam board, may take longer.
Overnight or 2 day cut off times for same day shipping:
East of the Rockies: 2 p.m. Eastern Time
West of the Rockies: 2 p.m. Pacific Time
If you need your order shipped the same day and missed the cut off time call to place your order. Visit our Contact Us page.

Go to the Log In page and log in to your account. From there you can track all of your orders. Only orders shipping via UPS and FedEx can be tracked. When your order is shipped, we will also email you the UPS or FedEx tracking number, which you can use to track your order if you did not create an account on this website.

You are required to obtain pre-authorization from a Customer Service Representative if you choose to return any product. If product is being returned by no fault of Clearbags, a 20% restock fee will be applied towards the credit and you are responsible for the return shipping charges and for ensuring the product is returned in good condition. We do not accept returned product over 60 days old. To read more about our return policy visit our Customer Service page.

Our products are set at wholesale pricing. However, this does not mean you need to be a wholesaler to purchase our products. Several price tiers are available that make our pricing the most competitive you will find anywhere in North America. ClearBags will meet or beat any advertised price of a similar product. Just provide a copy of any competitors written quote or advertisement to our customer service department. Most products have volume discounts for high-quantity purchases. Our Premier Reseller program is also available for high-volume resellers.

We offer several programs to fit various business needs. If you are using Crystal Clear Bags or Crystal Clear Boxes for packaging your product, you will not be eligible for Premier Reseller status. Only distributors that are re-distributing the product will be considered. To become a ClearBags Premier Reseller please call us at 1-800-233-2630

ClearBags offers custom sized and printed products. Visit our Custom Products Page or contact our Customer Service team.

ClearBags offers custom sized and printed products. Visit our Custom Products Page or contact our Customer Service team.

Crystal Clear Bags®, Clear Colored Envelopes, as well as their adhesive, and Crystal Clear Photo Boxes are all safe for conservation and archiving purposes. These products have passed the PAT Test (Photographic Activity Test ISO standard 18916). Except for our Eco Clear Bags, all Crystal Clear Bags are naturally acid and lignin-free, which means that no chemical processes are needed to remove these harmful elements. Eco Clear Bags are made from starch-based PLA (polyactide), which is not acid-free.

Recycle Most plastic materials are recyclable so long as the plastic is identifiable and relatively clean. Crystal Clear Bags are made from Polypropylene resin identified by the recycle symbol "5". Contact your local recycling center to see if they accept #5 Plastic Bags. We also carry products made of PVC, PLA, HDPE, and LDPE.

Crystal Clear Packaging is the best choice when you want to Promote, Protect, or Preserve your creation. Customers consistently report increased sales when using Crystal Clear Bags or Crystal Clear Boxes. In addition, Crystal Clear Bags and Crystal Clear Photo Boxes are PAT tested and approved for long term photo or document storage. Packaging that is not acid-free and PAT tested may discolor and damage your product. Enhance and protect your valuables by using Crystal Clear packaging!

The term acid-free is generally accepted and employed to describe products that are pH-Neutral to Alkaline (7 or slightly higher on the pH Scale). There are few papers remaining that are not buffered to a neutral pH using additives like Calcium Carbonate and by taking other steps during production processes. The pH levels should only be accepted when cold water extraction or better methods are used. Also, please note that acid testing pens are not reliable for either a pass or fail reading.

Lignin is an integral part of the cell walls in plants. If this lignin is not removed when making pulp-based products they are not lignin-free. Over time, lignin breaks down causing paper products to yellow. Acid free paper can become acidic as the lignin breaks down.

In general, archival or conservation grade products are acid-free, lignin-free, and free from anything else that can damage your artwork, photography, or other items intended to be preserved. Manufacturers who supply archival or conservation grade products should be able to provide documents describing these archival characteristics at the very least or have test results on file for you to review. Although acid-free products might not cause any initial damage, it is possible for them to break down relatively quick; becoming a danger to the item you are trying to protect. Like everything else there are varying degrees of archival. Depending on your need for preservation you may require higher-grade materials for use in and along side your items. Crystal Clear Bags® and our Crystal Clear Photo Boxes are high grade "museum quality" products. They are 100% virgin polypropylene which is naturally acid and lignin-free.

Crystal Clear Bags® are made from Polypropylene (PP) plastic. Crystal Clear Boxes® are made from Polyvinylchloride (PVC) and PolyEthyleneTerePhthalate (PET). Polyethylene (PE) bags are also available. All ClearBags plastic products are recyclable, however local and state recycling systems vary widely. Contact your local recycling center to determine if they accept the product in question.

There are many claims in the marketplace for biodegradable and compostable products. Look for third party certifications from BPI or DIN CERTCO to industry specifications ASTM D6400 or EN 13432 to determine if a plastic product is biodegradable or compostable.

ClearBags recommends a shelf life of 6 months or less for Eco products, however, when maintained at normal temperature and humidity levels these products have an indefinite shelf life. Temperature extremes of hot and cold should be avoided. Recommended storage range is OF-120F maximum, ideally 72F. Keep away from heat and sources of ignition. Avoid extremes and sudden changes of environment. Avoid direct immersion in water. Failure to maintain these conditions will cause the material to begin to breakdown to a lower molecular weight material. These are not extraordinary conditions, they are the same conditions we apply to other plastic film products like Polystyrene, Polypropylene, HDPE, etc. The material can withstand excursions up to 140F but not in a continuous fashion as after a few hours in the presence of high levels of heat, high moisture and bacterial exposure the material will begin to compost much like the lettuce you would package in bags. Field testing has produced a maximum temperature of 117.7 F in a truck when the outside temperature was between 105 to 107 F.

Moab papers are compatible but not optimized for dye-based inks. Entrada and other cotton papers will show little visible difference, but microporous coatings on papers such as Colorado, Lasal Luster and Lasal Gloss are not ideal for dye inks, as dye inks are best served with swellable coatings that encapsulate the ink to protect the final print from fading.

ClearBags recommends for clear greeting card stands. This company is not affiliated with ClearBags.

Conversion chart are available here

All bags and other art or photography supplies or media should not be left in hot temperatures or over exposed to direct sunlight as damage may occur.

Flap Seal Bags come with top flaps and re-sealable adhesive strips on them allowing them to be folded and sealed over the bag's opening. It is as easy as inserting an item, peeling the adhesive cover strip and then folding and pressing the flap to the bag to seal it. The flap seal allows for items to be smaller than the height of the bag as the flap seal can be folded past the opening of the bag if needed. Protective Closure Bags are ideal for photography and art! The Protective Closure prevents the glue from coming in contact with your product. This is achieved by placing the re-sealable adhesive strip on the outside of the bag instead of on the flap.

Click here for the paper weight converter page.

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) requires that plastics used in food packaging be of greater purity than plastics used for non-food packaging. This is commonly referred to as “food safe” plastic. Food Safe plastic does not contain dyes or recycled plastic deemed harmful to humans. Additionally, Food Safe plastics are strictly tested to ensure that harmful chemicals will not leach into your food products.
Food Safe product manufacturers are expected to comply with good manufacturing processes and best practices. By using Food Safe packaging you can be assured that your food products are safe from harmful chemicals.
For additional information, please see the FDA Consumer Website.

We recommend storing your product packaged as it was shipped to you. We use heavy paper between layers to avoid scratching and rigid, closable boxes to protect edges and reduce exposure to the elements. Please be aware that extreme moisture, heat or cold can cause bags to become warped or brittle. Use climate control for extreme humidity. Bags should lie flat and not push against walls or shelves, which can crinkle the edges. Please call us if you have storage questions.