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Art and Photography

Jim Jordan Photography ClearBags™ has built our reputation by providing artistic professionals like you with the clearest and highest quality packaging. Crystal Clear Bags™ and Crystal Clear Boxes™ are the ideal choice to help you Promote, Protect, and Preserve your work. ClearBags also offers a vast array of economical everyday-use supplies such as Fine Art Paper, Museum grade mats, and backing. ClearBags... We take pride in helping you Be Seen!

"ClearBags customer service is amazing, fast, friendly, and reliable. Crystal Clear Bags™ are affordable and cost effective! ClearBags products are superb and take my presentation to a whole new level." –Jim Jordan (read more)

"When I present my work nothing can stand in the way of showing the quality of the printed piece. That is why I use Crystal Clear Bags in my presentations and for the delivery of my work." –Lewis Kemper (read more)

"ClearBags is a pleasure to work with. Their knowledgeable and professional staff has been outstanding. Crystal Clear Bags are an asset in the protection and presentation of our product to our customers." –Greg Olsen (read more)

Art and Photo Products

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Photo & Art Sizes Quick Reference

Click on an item number to get more information about its size and style. Size fits photo, mat, and backing or foam board. Protective Closure
Protective Closure
Bio Protective Closure

No Flap Bag
Flap Seal

StylePhoto SizeMetricPremium Protective ClosureProtective ClosureBiodegradable Protective ClosureBacking BoardCrystal Clear
Photo Box
No FlapFlap SealFoam Board
American 4" x 6" 10.16x15.24cm PR4X6 B4X6PC GR4X6PC BACK4, BACH4, BACA4, BACD4, BACB4, BACG4, BACC4 FPB61, FPB155, FPB120, FPB123, FPB167 B4X6NF B4X6 -
American 4" x 8" 10.16x20.32cm - - - - FPB157, FPB158, FPB163, FPB164, FPB165 - - -
American 5" x 7" 12.70x17.78cm PR75 B75PC GR75PC BACK5, BACH5, BACA5, BACD5, BACB5, BACG5, BACC5 FPB62, FPB119, FPB121, FPB168 B75NF B75 -
American 8" x 10" 20.32x25.40cm PR108 B108PC GR108PC BACK8, BACH8, BACA8, BACD8, BACB8, BACG8, BACC8 FPB64, FPB169 B108NF B108 FOMC8, FOMD8, FOMF8, FOME8
American 8" x 12" 20.32x30.48cm - B812PC GR812PC - - B812NF B812 -
American 8.5" x 11" 21.59x27.94cm PR811 B811PC GR811PC BACK811, BACH811, BACA811, BACD811, BACB811, BACG811, BACC811 FPB65, FPB150 B811NF B811 FOMC811, FOMD811
American 8.5" x 14" 21.59x35.56cm - B814XLPC - - - - B814XL -
American 9" x 12" 22.86x30.50cm PR9 B9PC GR9PC BACK9, BACH9, BACA9, BACD9, BACB9, BACG9, BACC9 - B9NF B9 FOMC9, FOMD9
American 11" x 14" 27.94x35.60cm PR11 B11PC GR11PC BACK11, BACH11, BACA11, BACD11, BACB11, BACG11, BACC11 FPB170, FPB171 B11NF B11 FOMC11, FOMD11, FOMF11, FOME11
American 11" x 17" 27.94x43.18cm - B1117PC - BACK1117 BACH1117 BACA1117 BACD1117 BACB1117 BACG1117 BACC1117 - B1117NF B1117 FOMC1117, FOMD1117
American 12" x 12" 30.50x30.50cm PR12X12 B12XPC - - FPB131, FPB132, FPB151, FPB152 B12X12NF B12x12 -
American 12" x 16" 30.50x40.60cm PR12 B12PC - BACK12, BACH12, BACA12, BACD12, BACB12, BACG12, BACC12 - B12NF B12 FOMC12, FOMD12
American 12" x 18" 30.48x45.72cm - B1218PC - BACK1218 - B12NF B1218 -
American 13" x 19" 33.02x48.26cm - B1319PC - BACK1319, BACH1319, BACA1319, BACD1319, BACB1319, BACG1319, BACC1319 - B1319NF B1319 FOMC1319, FOMD1319
American 16" x 20" 40.64x50.80cm PR16 B16PC - BACK16, BACH16, BACA16, BACD16, BACB16, BACG16, BACC16 - - B16 FOMC16, FOMD16, FOMF16, FOME16
American 16" x 24" 40.64x60.96cm - B1624PC - - - - B1624 -
American 17" x 22" 43.18x55.88cm - B1722PC - - - B1722NF B1722 FOMC1722, FOMD1722
American 18" x 24" 45.72x60.96cm - B18PC - BACK18, BACH18, BACA18, BACD18, BACB18, BACG18, BACC18 - B18NF B18 FOMC18, FOMD18
American 20" x 24" 50.80x60.96cm PR20 B20PC - BACK20, BACH20, BACA20, BACD20, BACB20, BACG20, BACC20 - B20NF B20 FOMC20, FOMD20
American 20" x 30" 50.80x76.20cm - B2030PC - - - - B2030 -
American 22" x 28" 55.88x71.12cm - B22PC - - - B22NF B22 -
American 24" x 30" 60.96x76.2cm - B2430PC - - - B2430NF B2430 -
American 24" x 36" 60.96x91.44cm - B24PC - - - B24NF B24 -
European 3.54"x5.12" 9 x 13 cm - B3H5PC - - FPB63 - B3H5 -
European 3.94"x5.91" 10 x 15 cm PR4X6 B4X6PC - - FPB61 B4X6NF B4X6 -
European 5.12"x7.09" 13 x 18 cm PR75 B75PC - - FPB62 B75NF B75 -

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